Future of Robotics: Robots with Emotions

Had any one ever wondered that how convenient a human life might be if the frequent tiresome jobs like cleaning one’s residence shall be entirely automated? Well, truly speaking, that expediency can be an actuality shortly since machines shall make human life more and more comfortable and easy on behalf of the humans by working out different tasks, which humans might find repetitive or even at times.

This observation had been made by the great scientist who is the founder of robotics company. He made this observation while speaking at the session titled as the ‘robots, internet of things with the future’ in the Project of the year. He also said that while there are still some methods that one can go previous to the early dawn of an advanced as well as a complex robot seen in the sci-fi movies. Such robotic machines may be likelihood in the future. He also felt that there may be a possibility to build robots that are up to emotions. This is because emotions are found by the mixture of the chemicals.

Scientists further stated that the fields of the robotics are still within its beginning stages. Moreover it may witness a big as well as an awesome innovation very soon by means of the home mechanization being a part of this. Scientists say that the International Space Station is one of the biggest research centers to have developed the most advanced robotic machines so far.

Some facts about the robots:

The science fiction writer first law on the robots states that the robots may never kill or harm human beings, even in the self-defense. Moreover the robots will always follow humans unless the action conflicts with the first law.

Speaking concerning the Internet of Things, said that the small pieces of a hardware (like the sensors) and more and more campaigns that are collecting data are presently linked to the internet, which themselves have changed at an unbelievable speed. Furthermore, this year has been named as the year of the “internet of things”.

Scientists even pointed out that the consumers are presently capable of purchasing items such as the smart shoes that can measure the fitness parameters for distance, instance and the terrain covered, the time taken in the midst of all other factors as well as upload all these information on the internet so as to make them gather in addition to the users may observe all the patterns of their own fitness.